" I’m just a sad girl with a broken mind,
and you are a beautiful boy, a one of a kind.
I’m sorry I’m so much trouble in the middle
of the night, it’s just the hardest time to fight.
It kills me, all that I put you through, most the
time I feel like I don’t deserve you. Before I
met you I did it all myself, I had no one, only
the books on my shelf. I’d escape by reading
and writing most the time, the longest I’d go
without hurting myself was a week at prime.
I had a small list of reasons to keep on going
every day, yet none of them truly made me
want to stay. It was until I met you, my skies
started to look more blue. You’d chase away
the clouds over my head, and you were the
biggest reason I never wished to be dead.
I have found the one person I stayed strong
for, the one person who kept me wanting more.
I have been trying so hard to be a better
person, a better version of me. Yet deep
down half as strong as you are, is all I hope
to be. You have saved me from so much
more than you know, I could never, ever
let you go. You’re my prized possession,
the silver lining through this depression.
I love you so goddamn much keep that in
your heart, no sadness or hurt will
keep us apart. I love you, I love you..


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Fuck this is so perfect

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" Dating is not meant as a pastime or a hobby. Dating is looking for the person you will spend the rest of your life with. If you don’t love that person don’t date them and toy with their emotions. "

- SavannahVidalia (via savannahvidaliawaters)

" You do care. You care so much it’s eating you away. You hate the fact that you care so much but it’s the only thing you know how to do but you constantly lie to yourself just so you can get through the day. "

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" Would losing me even be a loss? "

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this is beautiful

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" Falling in love is not the only adventure worthy of a young woman. "

- Caitlin Stasey (via bbrian4)

" I swear this.
My oath is a kiss.
I swear
by everything

- From The Rules of Evidence by Lee Robinson (via hush-syrup)
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" Your my soul, my heart, my everything. I’m yours, you’re mine. You are me, together we are one. I love you. "

- Barbēlō (via wordsnquotes)